Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hard time and gaining weight

I've been having a really hard time these past 2 days.  Not with the diet, or so I thought.  I weigh myself every day so that I may determine whether I am on the right track or not.  I don't keep track of my nutritional elements, so this is my weigh of making sure I am doing the right thing.  Once I feel confident that I am, I will probably reduce to once a week.

Yesterday I woke up with a .2 weight gain, and today I woke up with a 1 lb weight gain.  Very frustrating.  I have been feeling very tired and unmotivated in life, but not with the diet.  I have been eating very well with no slip-ups.  

The day before, I have no idea why I gained .2 pounds.  But yesterday, I ate out twice.  I thought I was doing good, but the scale doesn't lie, although I wouldn't mind if it told a little white lie every now and then.  Especially one this morning.  

Back to yesterday.  I ate lunch at a local restaurant that makes a great asian salad with pork and homemade oil/vinegar/ginger dressing.  

For dinner, we ate at a mexican restaurant that has this creamy sauce over chicken with chipotles.  YUM!  I also ate some chunky guacamole that is very fresh and tasty.  Unfortunately, this is the first time I have overate since I started on this adventure.  I did feel like crap.  I know this meal is the source of my weight gain, but I am naturally just beating myself up over it.  

I hope I can restrain myself in eating.  I'm not sure how I overate, but I am going to slow down and pay much more attention.  

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