Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 9-08-2013

Today's energy level seems to be much better, although I still had an afternoons slump.  

10:30 am = Breakfast

     - 2 Eggs cooked in butter
     - 4 slices of bacon
     - 1 t coconut oil

1:00 pm = Snack

** I was feeling very energy drained, until I ate this snack, in which I felt better **

     - (2) Boars Head Buffalo Chicken breast deli meat rolled up with cheese, mayo and yellow mustard 
     - A couple Macadamia Nuts

6:30 pm = Dinner

     - Smoked chicken (Hubby is a King with the Charcoal smoker)
          - Chicken was wrapped in bacon too!
     - Gravy made with heavy whipping cream and the drippings from the chicken
     - Homemade Collard greens with Ham Hock.  The onions were sauteed in 2 T bacon grease before adding the veggie broth, ham hock, etc.  This recipe came out awesome!  I can't wait to have some for lunch tomorrow. 

I made some homemade breakfast sausage, which I cannot wait to try in the morning. 

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