Saturday, September 7, 2013

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 9-07-2013

7:15am = Breakfast

     - 4 Slices of Bacon
     - 1 Egg (from my own chickens)
     - Chunk of Kerrygold White cheddar Cheese

     Very satisfying.

11:30am = Lunch

     Unfortunately again, due to timing in our schedule, we had to chose a place to eat out. This is the most we have eaten out in a long time.  We settled on the closest place to my son's football game, which was a Chinese Restaurant (albeit a better quality one). 

     - Kung Pao 3 in 1 - Chicken, Beef & shrimp.
     - A few bites of the veggies (celery, water chestnut, carrots, bell peppers)

     I feel this will definitely effect my weight loss.  I regretted it before I ate it.  Only time will tell.  

6:00 pm = Dinner

     - Steak, grilled
     - 2 cups green beans, boiled
     - About 3 TB Kerrygold Butter

If you don't know anything about this butter, it is awesome.  It is well known in the LCHF world, but it wasn't until I tried it myself that I became a believer.  

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