Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happiness and energy has found me....

Something rather wonderful happened for me today.... I felt happy.  My happiness was so noticeable that a co-worker kept asking me why I was so happy during a meeting.  At one point, she even looked at me suspiciously and said "something is going on, I know it".  ha ha   That was such a reassuring feeling for me.  

Do I really look that much happier?  Other than the tight ass heels I was wearing today, I even felt bouncier walking the halls.  I felt my head lifted higher than usual.  I greeted strangers with a smile and "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon". 

Speaking of a good afternoon, I did not want to sleep after lunch.  I repeat  I DID NOT WANT TO SLEEP AFTER LUNCH.  Say what?  You heard it, I have been going full fledged energy since I woke up, and I feel awesome.  Honestly, its 7:43 at night, and I'm afraid I won't be tired enough to sleep.

Oh well, I suppose I deserve a warm bath and good read to help get me in the sleeping mood.  

I was not able to keep track of my dinner meal on myfitnesspal because we ate out, but I know overall, I did very well.  

B:  Leftover Taco Soup 

L:  Leftover Dinner, which was Guy Fieri Pork Onlet.  My hubby made it with green beans instead of cannellini beans (cuz he loves me)

D:  We went out to a Mexican Restaurant where I had a salad with chicken and chunky (freshly made) guacamole.  I may have overate a tiny bit, but by the time I am writing this, I do not feel that way anymore.  

I feel satiated, happy and energetic.  I pray that this continues.  

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