Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day turned sour :( or did it?

Although my day started out happier than you can imagine, I have ended on a sour note.   After dinner (which I wasn't even hungry), I had to rush out to my son's football practice.  I grabbed the last 2 servings of my chocolate bar and headed out.  

During the football practice, I continued to take bites until it was all gone.  Why did this happen?  What propelled me to eat those unneeded carbs?  

Well, here I am 9:00 at night, feeling like crap.  I feel shaky, due to my sugar being out of whack and I probably knocked myself out of ketosis.  

But you know what, I am not reaching into the freezer for some more sugar.  I don't crave anymore.

Honestly, I feel very good about tomorrow.  I will lift my head up and continue with what I know works for me.  

Now that I think about it, maybe I didn't end my day sour. Maybe, just maybe I have actually accomplished something great.  My old habits have not returned.  I did not chalk the day up to a wash, eat whatever I want with the hopes of starting over again tomorrow.  

I have accomplished something great, and I feel very positive.

This is why writing your thoughts down, whether public or not, is worth every second of your effort!  

B:  Southwestern Taco Soup
L:  Romaine lettuce, shredded cheese & blue cheese dressing. Guy Fieri's Pork recipe.
D:  8 chicken wings with buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing;  a couple cauliflowers and 1/2 cup green beans.  
S:  2/3 bar of organic 80% chocolate bar (2 servings)

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