Friday, September 6, 2013

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Friday 9-6-2013

Below are my meails for the day...

7:45am Breakfast =

     - 2 chicken thighs (grilled, no seasoning or oil)
     - 2 T of Kerry Gold Butter (YUM)
     - 1 T of Cajun Seasoning (homemade recipe with no salt or sugar)

     I felt very satisfied. 

9:30am = STARVING.  I should have ate more for breakfast.  I really didn't eat many calories, although I didn't realize this until now.  

11:30am Lunch = 

     Met a friend for lunch at a local BBQ joint.  After asking MANY questions    about the menu (I had not visited before), I finally settled on the safest        choice.

     - 1.5c Pulled Pork (no rub)
     - 3/4c Green Beans with Bacon and bacon grease

     I felt very satisifed.

6:30pm Dinner = 

     Unfortunately, due to a rush on our dinner situation, we had to settle on eating out.  We chose Red Robin, a burger restaurant chain. 

     - Burger with blue cheese crumbles, their signature steak sauce, cheese, tomato slice and wrapped in lettuce instead of a hamburger roll. 
     - Instead of fries, I had a ceaser side salad. 

     I felt very satisfied, although I fear this may effect my weightloss

9:30 pm Snack =

     I typically don't eat this late, but I was starving by the time I got home.  I ate some macadamia nuts. 

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