Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exercise for the first time in a LONG time.... Week 6 Day 39

Government shutdown has continued, which means I still have the entire day to myself.  2 days in a row to do whatever I want!  I decided to take Roxy the basset hound for a walk and it was good.  

We walked a total of 1 hour and almost 3 miles.  It would have been a faster 3 miles, but I literally dragged her and even had to carry her 40 pound butt up a hill at one point.  She (and I) will sleep good tonight!

On my way back from the walk I realized that it must be after 2 and I haven't ate lunch.  That has not happened in a LONG time.  My "old" self would have been looking forward to my next meal while making the current one.  So I didn't eat until dinner, which may be causing my problems I am having this evening.  

I have a horrible headache and heartburn.  I haven't had heartburn since maybe week 1.  

B:  2 Chicken thighs sauteed in butter
S:  1/2 Ghiardelli dark chocolate (86%)
L:  Nothing
D:  Herb and Parmesan cheese crusted pork loin with broccoli/butter and sauteed green beans

peace out

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