Sunday, December 8, 2013

Italian Wedding Soup for Dinner...... Week 15 Day 105

Today's dinner is brought to you by Grass Fed Girl's recipe (FOUND HERE).  

I was able to purchase some grass fed ground beef for a whopping $10/pound! So, as you can probably guess, I only bought 2 packages.  

Other than a few changes, I think it turned out really well.  Sorry I didn't figure out the nutrition data, but I'm sure its Low Carb and I don't feel guilty eating it at all ;)

The changes I made:   

- Fried veggies in duck fat

- used almond flour instead of coconut flour

- added more sausage like spices (since its missing the sausage) i.e.  sage to the meatballs

- added Parmesan cheese to the meatballs

- Used half homemade turkey stock and half homemade duck stock

Unfortunately the meat that I purchased was 91% lean.  Not my preferred amount of fat levels.  It wasn't until after I dropped all the meatballs into the pot that my husband said "You know, you could have mixed duck fat into the meatball mixture".  Too late.  Oh well.  

I highly recommend adding this recipe to your Low Carb recipe book.


 Now I can't wait for leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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