Sunday, December 29, 2013

A miraculous ending to the night Week 18 Day 126

Yesterday was Saturday.   And as you all know,  yesterday was our big family party.   I allowed myself one wheat thin,  one club cracker and many NORCAL margaritas.   Did I mention MANY NORCAL margaritas?

This is how it went....

Around 1 pm,  I made my very first NORCAL margarita as follows: 

- 1.5 Limes, juice and pulp (mine weren't the greatest resulting in minimal juice)
- 2 Jiggers of Tequila (I started with 1.5, and slowly turned it into 2 very full ones)
- cup full of ice
- topped off with 1/2 watermelon flavored water (no carbs, just "flavor") & 1/2 flavored soda water (strawberry kiwi).  

I continuously made them until about 6 pm.  I think I went through 6 or 8 Limes at 1.5 Limes per drink the first few hours,  than one lime per drink the last couple of hours.   You see how that works out in numbers right?  

For dinner,  I stuck with low carb high fat (LCHF) and had prime rib with extra cuts of fat,  and salad with Homemade ceaser dressing.  

We were also celebrating my husband's birthday,  so a Breusters ice cream cake was also cut and served by the only person in the room not eating sugar... Me! 

Within the hour everyone was packing up and saying their goodbyes.  Other than a couple m&ms I stole off the centerpiece (my son's gingerbread house),  I had done pretty good so far.  

After cleaning up a bit,  I decided I had done so good this past week,  and screw it, the drinks alone probably knocked me out of ketosis,  I  might as well have some cake too.   Now,  remembering the number of margaritas I had,  you can only image the size of that piece of cake.   I wish I would have taken a picture for this post alone.   I do deserve the public shaming after all.  

Oh, and my sister made oreo cheesecake balls (dipped in chocolate of course).  I ate two of those, than I took my heaping pile of ice cream cake held in place by a bowl and retired to our upstairs living room to watch a movie and be alone in peace and quiet.   Plus,  I didn't want to watch football with the boys.   Blah!

After consuming my mountain o' Shame,  I continued to watch the movie "Love Actually"  (which I do not recommend by the way).   For the next 2 hours (why are bad movies so long),  I  continued to feel sicker and sicker to my stomach.   Once the pain ended (the movie not my stomach),  I  went downstairs,  grabbed a sip of water and laid down. 

At this point,  I  could only hope that the vomit king,  whom paid quite a few visits during my partying days,  would come by and say hello to an old friend,  in hopes of ending my misery.   Sounds dramatic I know,  but I was in that much pain.

About 30 or so minutes of laying there,  I  made my way to the bathroom in hope.   Where there is hope,  there is a way.   Or something like that.  

In as few words and details as possible...  I went to bed with a very empty stomach and digestion tract and and slept like a baby.   Phew.  

Now this morning,  I felt a little off,  but nothing to complain about.   So I  won't.   Although not hungry,  my husband made breakfast,  so therefore I ate some bacon,  eggs and sausage.   After a couple of hours of drinking water,  I decided to see if the damage had been done.

With Ketostix in hand, I  headed to the royal room.   Low and behold,  I was still in ketosis.   Although it was very dark purple indicating possible dehydration,  I was in ketosis!

And there you have it folks,  I had my Christmas miracle 4 days late.  

But don't think I  didn't get that at a cost.   I felt horrible all day today and my stomach just wasn't right.   But that is what I get after so any margaritas.

And it was all worth it!

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