Friday, November 1, 2013

Got Eggs? Week 10 Day 68

I am posting this early since I will have family over this evening for dinner.  

Once again, for breakfast, I had 5 slices of bacon and 3 eggs.  I was hungry by 10:30.  There is something about eating eggs that causes me to be hungry so much earlier than normal. Yesterday when I ate 1/2 a steak and 2 eggs, I was full until Lunchtime, no problem.  

I need to eat mostly protein for breakfast, to not include the eggs.  I see eggs as a compliment to the protein I should be eating.  I will no longer consider eggs as protein or anything that will fill me up.  

With that being said, I did stop by the Amish and pick up 2 dozen eggs.  

My 2 girls produce 2 VERY small eggs a day (they are new at this, in time they will be larger eggs).  As of yesterday, one of them is broody and no longer laying.  Grrrr.   Maybe I should really be saying  CLUCK!  CLUCK!  

For lunch I just ate a salad.  Nothing special.  

But for dinner, well that is a different story.  See these before pics:

Interested in cooking it yourself?  Easy as Pie (well maybe easier if your a bad baker like me).  

Chop up veggies of your choice and put as bottom layer of roasting pan.

Cover whole chicken with seasoning of your choice.  Cover veggies and chicken with pads of butter.  Stuff a quartered onion inside of the chicken and bake until done.  

You can also use heavy cream and make gravy from the juices on the stove.

I cannot stress enough, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS.  It is off the hook and so EASY to eat.  

Have a great Friday evening!  

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