Friday, March 7, 2014

Intermittent Fasting - Day 4 - FINAL Day

I woke up with GREAT Difficulty.  IF did not help on my first day of my period and that "groggy, I can't get enough sleep" feeling I get every month.  

But, I started out this morning with full intention on continuing IF, with doubt that I should be.  I didn't eat my first meal until 11:45, and couldn't even wait another 15 minutes for my eating period.  And what is 15 minutes really?

So I ate my lunch, which was satisfying.  Then something happened.  All those chocolates, jelly beans, trial mix, etc. started looking REALLY good.  And I caved.  I caved hard.  

I left work, stopped at a store and happened to see Sugar Free chocolate covered almonds.  So I caved on those too.  I was so stressed out about going to my TOPS meeting and weighing in, that I ate those things all the way to the meeting, where I showed a 3 pound gain.  NO surprise there.

So I believe it is safe to say that I DO NOT belong on an Intermittent Fasting strategy.  I will continue to eat when hungry, and no other time.

I feel good having done this experiment, because that is another "what if" that I can scratch off my list.  

Been there, done that.  

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