Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today's Meals Week 23 Day 2

BREAKFAST:     Egg Drop Soup.  

     No seriously, I had egg drop soup.  

I warmed up my homemade chicken broth on the stovetop with a pad of butter.  In a separate bowl I whisked 2 eggs.  Once the chicken broth was boiling, I removed from heat, stirred until the broth was swirling in one direction, and poured the eggs slowly through fork tines.  About half way through, I re-stirred the broth and continued pouring the eggs over the fork tines until done.  I then poured into a bowl, added soy sauce to taste and ate the quick and easy concoction right up.  I DEFINITELY recommend this.  

LUNCH:     Leftover green curry with beef tips (Homemade).  I use a small lunch crockpot to warm my soups and stews when at work.  Beats using the microwave every day!

SNACK (6pm):    On my way home from shopping, I couldn't take it anymore and had a turkey rollup (with cream cheese), dipped in Moe's to go guacamole cup.   

DINNER:     Chicken thighs roasted in the oven with butter, broth and spices.  Sauteed cabbage (in bacon grease) with bacon crumbles.  I ate the rest of the guacamole from my snack with the chicken.  Very good.  

SNACK (9pm):     Pork rinds dipped in cream cheese and jalapeno and pepper bruschetta (packaged not homemade).    1 spoonful of coconut oil (tropical traditions)   About 5 squares of 70% (lowest I go) of blueberry chocolate.  

     Not sure why I felt the need for the snack.  Hopefully I don't regret it in the a.m. when I weigh in.  Yes, I still weigh in EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

Throughout the day I had 1 fatty coffee (butter & heavy whipping cream).  But for my 2nd and 3rd cup, I was missing the butter  :(    Like shed a tear missing.  Fatty coffee just isn't the same without butter.  


I felt GREAT today.  Motivation at work was high, happiness at home was high, and it was an all around great day.  I seem to be having a lot more of those these past few weeks.  

I went to Target and was able to find a pair of size 18 work pants.  They were actually a little loose in the waist, but not the legs.  Size 16 was way too tight.  

Does that mean I lost 1/2 a pound?   

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