Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meals for the Day Week 23 Day 3

I've definitely noticed that the broth in the mornings makes for a happier Jenny during the day.  It is very taste, very healthy, and very easy on the stomach.  I cannot recommend having a homemade broth based, low carb soup every morning to kick start your day! 



Homemade chicken broth with 2 eggs and soy sauce.  YUM!!! 


I forgot to get a photo of the actual lunch, but wanted to see how I reheat my more liquid types of foods.  I try to use the microwave as minimally as possible.

Lunch was leftover Green Curry with Beef ribs.  


I'm addicted to this guacamole and its ridiculous convenience.  I had chipotle chicken lunchmeat wrapped around cream cheese and dipped in this guacamole by Moe's.  


Hard to tell in this photo, but this is a roasted chicken with andouille sausage and homemade cajun spice rub.  In the juices are sweet potatoes, onions, and bits of the sausage.  The rest of the sausage was stuffed under the skin.  You can see the sliced link at the top of the photo.  I ate a chunk of chicken in a bowl of the juices surrounding the chicken.  It was AMAZING!  I can't wait to make broth with this one!  

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