Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Intermittent Fasting: Day 1 through 3

I decided to try Intermittent Fasting after reading so many amazing testimonials like:

  • Less hunger, sugar cravings, etc.
  • Enhanced cognitive functions:  focus, motivation, etc.  
  • Higher energy
  • Less meals to prepare and eat
  • And I've even heard people being more connected with love and emotions of others
I am focusing more on the amount of time I am eating, not as much on the quality of the food.  I can only do one at a time starting out, so I chose to change the amount of time I am eating.  Then I will shift to choose better foods, which I believe will come naturally with the shorter eating window. 

Day 1 (1/15/2017):  Idea was to only eat between 12pm and 6pm.  I ended up eating 12pm to about 10pm.  I broke my fast with Chinese buffet, overate, and felt awful.  I continued to eat badly through the day, to include cookie bars, candy, etc.  It did not stop until about 10pm.  Also had major headache all day.

     - Gained .5lb from this day

Day 2 (1/16/2017):  Again, started the day with the intention of only eating between 12 - 6pm.  I ended up breaking my fast with Roy Rogers, to include a small ice cream sundae.  I ate very fast, and too much.  I barely remember eating the meal to be honest.  I continued the day with eating cookie bars and candy pieces, all the way through 9pm.  Major headache continued.

     - Gained another .5lb this day

Day 3 (1/17/2017):  I decided to focus more on being mindful.  And since today is the first day at work since the weekend, I thought it may be harder.  Boy was I wrong, I found it easier.  I instantly felt more motivated to do my work, and even less stressed to be there!  This is a major positive compared to last week's work days.   Still had a headache, although I am now realizing it is due to my back and neck pain, not the way of eating.  Which makes sense because it seemed too early, even for me.  Headache was gone by the end of the day, unless I moved my neck a certain way and than it would hurt instantly for a few seconds.  Definitely my neck/back alignment!

8am - 12pm  Drank my homemade green tea concoction:  Green tea, ginger, cinnamon stick, goji berries. 

12pm - Broke fast with Bobotie (South African dish with ground meat, chutney, jam, spices, etc.) and Collard greens (cooked in coconut milk and curry powder).  I also had a few slurps of my blueberry/banana smoothie (dates, almond milk, lavender buds, cardamom, cinnamon).  I focused on eating slowly, putting down spoon between bites.  End result was feeling awesome afterwards.  I did not overeat and in fact, felt rather satisfied the remainder of the day. 

5:30pm - I focused on being more mindful again as I ate my second meal which consisted of 2 grilled chicken thighs, sautéed spinach, salad (Caesar dressing, cheese, olives) and BBQ sauce (the really sugary unhealthy type).    Still felt great after eating.

7:45pm - Organic yogurt with organic granola and organic maple syrup. 

***  This day proved to be very positive with a 1.4lb weight loss!!!  ***

Check out the other positives of doing IF to see if it would work for you! 

So overall, this IF method seems to be looking good.  Only time will tell of course, but its a good start. 

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