Sunday, December 7, 2014

Book Review: Love Yourself by Lawrence Crane

Not even a week ago, on Tuesday December 2nd, I was discussing on the LCHFApprentice Facebook Group the difficulty I have been having for the past few months.  Here is my comment with regards to my habit of weighing in daily:

"Everyday I tell myself, don't look, its not worth it. But I feel like its a loss of control. But then again, I have been weighing in almost everyday and continuing to gain a pound a day. I am so stressed, out of control, and can't fight off the cravings, even though the other side looks soooo much better to me. My body will not allow me to make the correct decisions. "

Eli, another member, posted the following:

"Jenny, I feel so bad for you. I know that feeling so well. I felt like I had a self destruct button and I didn't even understand why I would want to undo all the hard work but yet I felt powerless to stop. I know it all starts with self love and acceptance. It is tough to get to that place but in truth it is what flipped the switch for me.

I am going to recommend a book. It is a very easy read and it is what helped me more than you can imagine."

That night, I downloaded the book and read for about 1.5 hours.  In that little bit of time, I was able to gather enough information that I felt empowered and able to start changing my life.  

"When you love your enemies, you have no more enemies"

The book discusses how to have love for yourself and love for others by releasing all the negative thoughts and only thinking acceptance.  The book also discussed that our thoughts of love, formed by TV, is not real love at all.  We must stop thinking "What can that person do for me", but instead "What can I do for that person".  This book put the information into a way that I had not thought of previously.  First thing Wednesday morning, I started putting the recommendations into practice....

- I thought "I love you" and "You are Perfect in God's eyes" to every single person I seen - including strangers.  (The book does not discuss God, but I felt it would help to include my beliefs in the practice.  Afterall, God is the only Judge and made all things perfect)

- I thought "Every single person deserves to be loved", regardless of their shortcomings/faults. 

- I continuously thought "I love you" and "I am perfect in God's eyes" about myself.  

- Every time a negative thought appears, I tell myself that it needs to be released and "I love myself" regardless.  

By Thursday afternoon, I noticed a few things had changed.  I have a co-worker that drives me bonkers because she is incapable of doing her job and causes much stress to our team. By Thursday, I no longer stressed when I seen her sitting at her desk (next to me), instead, I found myself smiling and feeling loving.  I even joked with her all day and vice versa.  I no longer feel negative towards her, I feel love towards her.  


This alone has proved that my thinking has been all wrong.  I have been looking back at situations and realizing that I may have caused the entire thing due to my negative thinking about myself and others.  

They say you create the world around you, so I am hoping that by changing my thoughts to positive and loving, I create a more loving world for myself and others that have to be around me.  

I highly recommend reading this book.  But I will warn you, it is not well written.  There is a lot of repetition, but sometimes repetition can be good.  There is a lot of great information, and I hope it makes a difference in your life as it has mine.  


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