Friday, July 11, 2014

Weight Gain Rebound: How I Lost the Most Weight in One Day

As most of you know, this past weekend, I ate and drank horribly (aka high carb) for 5 days in a row starting last Thursday night.  I enjoyed myself and even before today, had no regrets.  It’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing.  I knew I was going to gain a bunch of weight, I knew I would have to report it in my weekly videos, and I knew I would have to report it during my weekly weight loss club meeting.  It was inevitable, and I didn’t mind. 
Why didn’t I mind you ask?
Well, I didn’t mind, because I knew it was temporary and that I would get back to normal in due time.  That’s right, I now feel that eating low carb, high fat, moderate protein (in a state of ketosis) is my new normal.  It is quite the amazing feeling, that something as powerful as a changed diet to gain health and prosperity can become your normal diet. 
When I woke up Tuesday morning, after having finished a pint of Ben & Jerry’s the night before, and gaining over 5 pounds, I knew what to do.  But this time it was different.  I didn’t dread it.  I WANTED to go back to my new normal.  I had not one negative thought about eating low carb, and no longer indulging in the so called forbidden foods.  During my indulgences, I always told myself to enjoy it now, because I will be going back to normal to continue my journey of health and weight loss.  What an amazing, empowering feeling. 
So this Tuesday through Thursday I have ate exceptionally well.  I even tracked my food on Tuesday just to see how well I was doing and had the following stats:

Not bad right?
Every morning I woke up with a weight loss between .5 to 1.5 pounds. 
Then it happened. 
This morning. 
The LARGEST weight loss I have EVER had in a single Day:
I know this is a rare moment for me, but my easy work (face it, this “diet” is super easy) has paid off! 
What have I been doing?  
Below I will talk about what I have been doing, some of which are different for me:
I’ve read so many accounts of people eating very large meals at breakfast which keeps them full through lunch, sometimes even until dinner.  Those people are lucky.  This is something I simply cannot do.  Not only do I feel bloated, but I also feel extremely tired.  Not good when you have to put in over 8 hours at work, then go home and actually do something more productive than sit on your butt. 
So now, I simply eat a very small breakfast, as you will see in my daily record outlined below. 
I am trying out this new thing (Insert Sarcasm) – it is based on the idea that your body knows what it needs, and when it needs to have it.  Therefore, I am waiting until I am hungry.  The low fat method teaches that a growling stomach is a sign of weight loss (due to under consumption of calories).    If you are reading this, I’m hoping you already know that this is definitely not true.  By waiting until my body tells me that I should be eating, I am not taking a chance on over stuffing my body with excess energy not needed.  And we all know where that ends up! 
I gave up the coconut oil eating for a few reasons.  One is that I just don’t like the taste of it.  But on Tuesday, I went to my local health store and bought a brand that I am pretty sure blows Tropical Traditions (as far as taste) away.  It is called Tree of Life organic Virgin Coconut Oil.   The other reason is that I was just being lazy.  Enough said on that subject. 
I have been having this in my coffee again, along with Ceylon cinnamon and a tablespoon or so of heavy cream.  It is such a wonderful and pleasant taste.  I will not be adding butter into my coffee, like I had done months ago.  I get enough butter with the rest of my meals, that I don’t feel the need for the excess fat.  I am saving this moment for the coconut to do its magic. 
About a month ago, my husband made up 2 mason jars of sauerkraut to attempt our first try at Fermented foods – something neither of us have ever ate let alone made.  We also made spicy dill snap peas, which were ready much sooner (about 2 weeks ago) and absolutely addictive.  This week  we opened the sauerkraut and I have eaten about a ¼ cup to ½ cup every day.  In addition to that yesterday, I also had a taco salad, and I used an organic fermented sour cream.  It was delish! 
I can’t be sure that the fermented foods have done any great things in my body, but I can tell you that everything I have read says that I will absorb my nutrients much better when also including fermented foods in my daily diet.  So I’m going to assume they are right.  Plus, I feel much better than taking those probiotics pills, that I am pretty sure gave me anxiety! 

8:30am  = Egg Salad (2 eggs, 1T mayo, 1tsp Mustard, Smoked Paprika, Salt & Pepper);  7 Slices of Bacon
9:00am to 10:30am = 1 Cup of Coffee (Ceylon Cinnamon, 1T coconut oil & 1T heavy cream)
12:15pm = Leftover boneless Pork Chop (cooked in bacon and butter);  Veggie medley (green beans, red pepper, yellow squash, onions, broccoli sautéed in butter and extra butter added); and ¼ cup sauerkraut.

6:00pm = I got hungry, but was at a meeting and could not eat at this time.  Hunger left after about 30 minutes or so.  No sugar drop feelings from not eating.  Felt great.

7:30pm  =  Taco Salad made with 1/2c broccoli sprouts, 1/4c shredded cheese, 1c taco burger meat, 1/4c fermented sour cream; 1/4c guacamole (fresh made); 1T onions, 1T chopped jalapeno.  YUM!

8:30pm = Small bag of pork rinds dipped into fermented sour cream.   (eating another snack is not normal, but I was hungry and there was still an hour before bed)

So I hope this information helps you.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!  

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