Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why I changed my Mind with Probiotics

I listen to the podcasts, I read the books, I read the blogs. Probiotics are the thing these days. Whether it’s in pill form or food form (fermentation), getting those good strains of bacteria in the stomach seems to be key. But is it really just a fad?

This is where shit gets real. Yeah, I said it… Shit….

Since eating low carb (high fat) starting in August 2013, I have noticed a huge change in my bowel movements. If you follow my blog/videos, you know that I have also “slipped” and gone off of low-carb twice since then. When I eat low carb, my bowels are more like watery bullets, shooting out at top speed. But as soon as I return to eating high carb, things slow down, although still a constant daily chore.

Fast forward to last week, when I noticed my lady parts weren’t feeling… how do I say it…. Up to par? I knew it wasn’t something as bad as the feared yeast infection, but it also wasn’t normal. For 2 weekends prior to this, I did have a few drinking nights, which we all know is laden with carbs/sugar. So I instantly thought that maybe the sugar eating bacteria/yeast were taking back over with full force.

(What do bowel movements and yeast overgrowth have to do with each other? Don’t worry; I will draw the two subjects together shortly.)

Continuing on….

So this past Thursday night, I decided to do a little research. Something that drives my husband crazy, but keeps me entertained many of nights. So there I was, lying in bed, when I came across quite a few forum threads of women discussing their girly parts, and how they went back to “Normal” after taking probiotics. Probiotics you say? No way! Woman after woman claimed that they were taking these probiotics (pill form), and all cleared up. Some even noticed other symptoms clearing up like acne, moodiness, etc. (which we know can be caused by yeast overgrowth).

So that was all the proof I needed. It was my turn to join in on the fad and buy me some probiotics. One of the main probiotics recommended in these threads was called “Vaginal Support” by Ultimate Flora. Friday after work I rushed to my local health food store and there they were, in the refrigerated section, in all its glory. Total cost was about $35. Not too bad, but hopefully worth it.

Fast forward to today….

I have taken the probiotics for 6 days now (1 pill with a meal per day), and I have noticed the following:

- Girly parts back to normal! YAY! No further explanation required.

- Bowel movements completely changed! (I told you I would make sense later.) Although I have been regular, they were watery and loose. No more. I have not had a loose or watery stool since this weekend sometime. Also, I feel like I’m actually going more, when I do go. Like maybe things are processing better?

- Less Hungry! Oh yeah, this is a huge benefit for me. I believe my body is getting its nutrients much better, and therefore, I am less hungry. Typically I eat breakfast around 6:30 and by 9:30 I’m hungry again. I didn’t get hungry the past few days until around 1pm. That is awesome. Seriously awesome!!
Who would have thought I would benefit from something as little as a pill? I am going to finish the bottle of pills, and do a test trial without taking them and see if the bowel movements change back to loose and watery. We shall see.

But trust me, sometimes when it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. It really is good!

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