Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where to get good nutrition? My garden of course!

One of our dreams of moving more into the "country" was to not only have our own chickens (eggs and meat), but also to have a big garden.  Although I am a certified Master Gardener, my husband is the true gardener to heart.  In reality, he is actually a soil enthusiast, and the vegetables are his prize.  He takes special care of the soil ensuring the right microbes, bacterias, enzymes, nutrients, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, etc. are all aligned correctly.  

And this is what you get when it is done correctly.... LOTS and LOTS of beautiful plants:


We have been eating broccoli and cauliflower every single day for about 2 weeks now.   So yummy steamed with Kerrygold butter! 



Compost is essential for great soil!  

MMMMMM...... Cabbage! 

Dropping the Beat.... I mean BEETS! 

Soon to be sweet potatoes galore:

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