Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is it maple pancakes and bacon? Nope, its Cheese!

I have found a secret way to eat pancakes, low carb, without any flour.  

Okay, they aren't really pancakes, but they are really low carb, and taste just like the real thing - maple syrup and all! 

Since I'm curious and love trying new cheeses, I bought a cheese called Yancy's Fancy - Maple & Bacon Cheddar Cheese.  

This morning, I fried up a few slices of ham (in butter of course), and 2 eggs.  I took a slice of this yummy cheese and placed the ham over it so that it would soften.  I then cut the cheese into little pieces and ate each bite of ham with a bite of cheese.  It literally tasted like a decadent pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast.  It was "off the hook" as the kids say.  

Speaking of kids.... My 7 year old son has been begging me for this cheese everyday.  And at only 1g carb per 1oz serving (typical of cheese), we can have our pancakes without the guilt.  

Now obviously there are a lot of "ingredients" (aka "chemicals"), so this is not something I will have very often. But it is a wonderful treat that I'm happy I accidentally came across.  

Have a great Low Carb Day! 

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